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Request a personalized puppet as a gift for the guest of honor

(he or she will even make an appearance in your show!)


How about some unique party favors? Complete with built-in party activity!

build-a-puppet party favor kit 

 build-a-puppet party favor examples

Mummy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Mummy! (click to view video)

Pollywog in a Bog2

I had the honor of working with some really cool (and UBER-talented) puppeteers with the Noah Ginex Puppet Company to creat this video for the Barenaked Ladies single “Pollywog in a Bog”. Have a look!

Barenaked Ladies – Pollywog In A Bog (Extended Version)

Stay tuned for more video promo clips from my current shows!

 Pollywog in a Bog3


  1. Donna Burk says:

    Loved it!!!!! Can’t wait for more!

  2. Debbie Farriols says:

    This was a fantastic video I was smiling the whole time! The entrance of the Caribbean effect at the end just kicked it up a few notches!

  3. says:

    Thanks Debbie and Donna! We just had an awesome photo shoot with Lindsay Moore of Fabulous Occasions ( and are planning to put together a small promo video with her husband (also named Jeremy). I’ll make sure you ladies are the first to know when I get everything posted. Thank you for your support!

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