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I think the question I’m asked most frequently (after “What do you do?”) is “How long have you been a puppeteer?”. The answer is, “Since before I even knew I was!”. What child hasn’t made an inanimate object into their very much *alive* plaything?

Then I was introduced to the magic of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and even Mr. Rogers, and I just wanted to do what they did – and now I do!

Was there training? Sure. I studied Communications in college and went on to participate in more specific workshops like the Henson Master Class and the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive. I make connections everywhere I go and have worked with and learned from amazing people in LA, Phoenix, Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta to name a few. My career experience in education and social services has also trained me for my work as a puppeteer…as has being a father to my two rascally boys!

Today I use my shows to educate in schools; provide therapy for social service groups and hospitals; and to entertain for birthdays, holidays and corporate events. Every show and every audience is a unique and exciting experience. My work really is play and I couldn’t be happier to share it whenever I am given the opportunity.

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  1. Buffy Jo says:

    Hi Jeremy!

    You may not remember me, you may, who knows! We worked together on a film project several years ago (that week long thing with numbers I can’t remember and don’t want to do the math for right now haha) AND I tried to wrangle you for an outreach at my church an equally looonnnnngggg time ago :-p

    So, I work at Alpha, a day program for the develpmentally and physically disabled, and my team mate and I started talking about the idea of getting a professional puppet show for our peeps. I actually immediately thought of you! Funny how that works right? I’d so rather work with people I at least KINDA know with stuff like this!

    Possible slight obstacle – I’m in Santa Barbara. But wouldn’t you just LOVE an excuse to visit this beautiful city!!?

    Let me know if we can afford you, how much for your wonderful services, and say hi :)

    Blessings to you and your family!
    Buffy jo

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