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Puppet Pie Meets Bragg’s Pie Factory

Hey friends!¬†I’ve got just the thing for you – guaranteed to give you the happy feels!

My pal Stacey has a chance to grow her business, Puppet Pie, and “allow (her) family to breathe” (that seems crucial!) and WE can make this magic happen!

I worked with Stacey in The Barenaked Ladies’ Pollywog in a Bog video and lots of other fun things. She is one cool cat with talent coming out the wazoo!

For a donation as little as $5 to her campaign you get some groovy-fun puppet swag (and all those guaranteed happy feels!) – see?

So what are you waiting for America? Let’s make this little lady’s dream come true!

¬†Additionally, for a limited time (until Friday, May 1st) in honor of Stacey’s Birthday, if you *like* PocketWatch Puppets on Facebook, I will donate $2 for Puppet Pie’s campaign till PocketWatch Puppets reaches 500 likes! How’s that for win-win-win-win (I can’t even count how many wins!!!)