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November – National Diabetes Awareness Month

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February 1st of 2013 my eldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Up until that day my wife and I knew very little about Type 1. In the first day we learned it’s an auto-immune disease with no known cause – contrary to the belief of many that it can be brought on by eating too much sugar. There is also – currently – no cure. We learned that diabetics CAN eat carbs – in fact, especially as a growing boy, my son NEEDS carbs (complex, healthy ones, of course). We learned that it is not necessarily genetic, but that if there are others in the family who have Type 1 it seems to increase the odds. We’ve learned that Type 1 and Type 2 are very different animals.

From that day on, my son has had to prick his finger to test his blood multiple times a day, he has to eat a certain number of times a day with a certain number of carbs at each meal, and he receives a shot of two types of insulin before breakfast and dinner and one type before lunch, EVERY DAY.

We always knew our son was special, but since February 1 2013, we’ve learned he is stronger and braver than my wife or I ever imagined. What do you know about Diabetes? Join us in learning, raising awareness, and finding a cure.